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Processing and organizing contents for your communication is our corporate mission. Conveying them to your target with the most innovative tools is what we’ve been learning for over 30 years of experience and opening to every new technologies. Proedi Media Group with its expert staff made of advertisers, journalists, editors, graphic designers and web masters offers the perfect solutions for your communication strategies.

About us

Our company history begins in 1985, when Macintosh arrives in Italy and revolutionizes the world of editorial and advertising communication.
In few years this tool has smited the preexisting means and methods of work, involving many business roles working into communication.
Proedi has foreseen the potential of this technological innovation and has reinforced its expertise and its abilities of managing and gathering contents, creating complex communication products of a top quality thanks to a strengthened experience in different fields and markets.

In the 90s, with the advent of the digital revolution, Proedi has increasingly strengthened its presence on the market: today it is one of the leaders in custum publishing in Italy, a sector with strong marketing possibilities that range from information to fidelity programs, from sales promotion to company communication.

Today Proedi creates magazines and one-shot editorial products, web sites and advertising campaigns, based on a long expertise in the editorial sector lasting from over 30 years, strong of its flexibility to reach all goals. Be it an art magazine or a direct sale catalogue our ability consists in being able to create the right contents, in providing them with an appealing graphic look, in succeeding in distributing them in the most efficient way and in managing an interactive communication from the final target. This is why the new technologies not only found Proedi attentive and willing to experiment, but also found us able to handle them to get the best result out of internet.
This is why we have started many research programmes which lead us to the development of technologies at service of communication and training.

Proedi Digital Magazine®, Interactive Video Book®, Interactive Digital Lab® are just some of the formats designed by us in collaboration with big companies, born to convey information in a way that is increasingly efficient.
These solutions are born from our combined experience in mass technology from the latest generation: Proedi side by side with the most traditional means of information has designed the most innovative tools for the spread of communication.

The Group

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35 years of experience

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